Monday, July 06, 2009

New Zealand Sahana Disaster Management System Cluster

Tim McNamara has called a meeting to form a New Zealand non-profit group to work with others around the world on the Sahana free open source disaster management system. The meeting is in Wellington, New Zealand, 30 July 2009:

Sahana Free and Open Source Disaster Management System | New Zealand Cluster

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5:30pm, 30 July 2009, Level 6, Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand

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What is this anyway?

The New Zealand Sahana Cluster is being formed to bring together technology experts, translators, emergency managers, researchers to bring forward widespread adoption of Sahana in New Zealand.

Sahana is Sinhalese for 'Relief' and signifies the history of the project from its development to reconnect families displaced due to the Boxing Day Tsunami. The New Zealand Cluster seeks to have the same positive impact for Kiwi communities.

Some deployments:

  • Asian Tsunami in Sri Lanka (2005)
  • Kashmir Earthquake in Pakistan (2005)
  • Landslide disaster in Philippines (2005)
  • Sarvodaya and Terre des Hommes, Sri Lankan NGOs (2005-)
  • Yogjakarta Earthquake, Indonesia (2006)
  • Earthquake in Peru (2007)
  • Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh (2007)
  • Coastal Storm Plan in New York City (2007-)
  • Ica Earthquake, Peru (2007)
  • Chendu-Sitzuan Earthquake, China (2008)
  • National Disaster Management Center &
  • Ministry of Resettlement & Disaster Relief Services, Sri Lanka (2009)

International Sponsors:

IBM Google NSF

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