Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tesltra spin doctors off message

Telstra have hired the PR company Network Communications (Australia) Pty Ltd to help sell its message about the environment. I was contacted by the company and invited to download a joint Tesltra-WWF white paper paper on "Using ICT to drive your sustainability strategy". But I found that I had to register with my details before being allowed to look at the paper. This is an annoying process and means that the paper is not generally available. I wrote back to Network Communications explaining this and they said they would put my comments in their final report to Telstra. But in the interim the paper is still not generally available. It does not seem a lot of use to include a comment which says "Tom wanted to comment but could not because we didn't bother to tell you in time". This is unfortunate as it does not accord with the more consultative approach which Tesltra's green guru, Dr TurloughGuerin and others in the organisation have been successfully implementing. Their good work is being undermined by Network Communications lack of responsiveness and Tesltra might be better off without this PR company.

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