Sunday, April 19, 2009

Corporate social responsibility and green ICT

The April/May 2009 Information Age magazine has an article on Corporate Social Responsibility "The Benefits of being Good" by Beverley Head on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and green ICT. CSR covers more than just environmental and sustainability issues (I attended a conference in Malaysia about it last year).
Advocates of corporate social responsibility argue that the GFC has brought into even sharper focus the need for organisations to examine their structures, their processes, their expectations, their values, and their web of trading partners to see how they can be made more sustainable. The first step involves taking a cold hard look at the status quo. Does the current corporate structure limit liability? Is there equitable profit sharing? Is the workforce diverse in terms of gender, age and race? How are decisions taken? How does the organisation treat competitors? How does it treat its customers? Is it financially transparent? Is it measuring and managing its environmental footprint and promoting recycling? How does the organisation interact with the community and charities? Is all of this sustainable? ...

From: The Benefits of being Good by Beverley Head, Information Age, April/May 2009

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