Wednesday, April 29, 2009

eGovernment in Developing Nations

Professor Shirley Gregor and His Excellency HE Lt Gen Masud Uddin Chowdhury, The High Commissioner of Bangladesh. Photo by Obaidul HuqeGreetings from the completion ceremony for the eGovernment capacity building through knowledge transfer in Bangladesh project (PSLP eGov), being held at the Australian National University in Canberra. Present are His Excellency HE Lt Gen Masud Uddin Chowdhury, The High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Australia and dignitaries of the ICT community including AGIMO, NICTA, Professor Gregor who oversaw the project and Ahmed Imran who did much of the work. The project involved preparing training materiel for Bangladesh government officials and conducting training forums. One of the more useful output is the "ICT Management Handbook: A Guide for Government officers in Bangladesh". The handbook is based on AGIMO's handbook for the Australian Public Service. There are other items from the course available on the web. It is likely that the program will be expanded to other developing nations through AusAid. Also later versions may include a component on sustainability from my ANU Green ICT course.

ICT Management Workshop/Training Resources

Module 1

4 Introduction to eGovernment [PDF]

4 eGovernment Management Lifecycle [PDF]

Further Readings

Module 2

4 ICT Business Case [PDF]

Further Readings

  • A Guide to ICT Sourcing for Australian Government Agencies. Developing and Executing an ICT Sourcing Strategy. Second Edition. September 2007. AS/NZS 4360:2004 Risk Management
  • Business Case Guide. A Guide to developing ICT business cases with comprehensive planning and analysis of the project’s demand, value and costs. September 2006.

Web Links:

Module 3

4 PSLP Project Management [PDF]

Further Readings

Project Management Bodies

General Project Management Resources
ProjectMinds Gantthead – the online community for IT project managers

Module 4

4 Managing the Outcomes [PDF]

Further Readings

  • Weill, P. and J.W. Ross (2004) IT governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Rights for Superior Results, Watertown, MA: Harvard Business School Press.
  • Weill, P. and J.W. Ross (2005) “A Matrixed Approach to Designing IT Governance”, Sloan Management Review (46)2, pp. 26-34.
From: "ICT Management Handbook - A Guide for Government officers in Bangladesh", Training Resources, PSLP 2008

Photos by Obaidul Huqe available.

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