Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grow tomatoes at Canberra Data Centre?

A greenhouse is using the exhaust from an electricity generator to help grow tomatoes and reduce carbon emissions. Perhaps this could be used at the proposed data centre in Canberra to reduce emissions and objections. There may be some objection to eating plants grown in engine exhaust, but it could be used for a plant crop which is not eaten:
... Last month, two of GE’s 4MW, natural gas-fuelled J624 GS engines began powering Royal Pride Holland’s new greenhouse cogeneration plant. ...

exhaust ... gas to be recycled in the greenhouse as a special fertiliser to help boost crop production instead of venting the gas into the atmosphere. In addition to supporting the greenhouse’s operations, surplus electricity from the cogeneration plant is being delivered to the local grid...

From: Netherlands Commercial Tomato Greenhouse Boosts Production with Cogeneration Plant Powered by World’s First 24-Cylinder Gas Engines, GE, 02 October 2008

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