Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valedictory Speech by Australia's Most IT Literate Senator

Kate Lundy is retiring from the Australian Senate, after almost two decades as the chamber's most IT literate member. I was honored to  received a mention in Senator Lundy's Valedictory Speech, about the time Senator and myself promoted Canberra, by sending live photos to the Internet from a hot air balloon floating over the city. I was also honored to be mentioned alongside "the amazing Pia Waugh", who, as Senator Scott Ludlam later pointed out, has worked with Senator Lundy (and later in various government roles) to make government more accessible on-line.

From the perspective of 2015 it is very hard to remember how the Internet and the idea of citizens having ready access to information on-line, was such an alien concept in the mid 1990s. Some of the thinking of that time is evident in my Interview with Kate Lundy, at Gorman House, 26 September 1995.

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