Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sri Lanka Announces 1,000 Telecentres

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology plans to open 1000 E-nenasala Centres in 2014. These are similar in aim to Australia's telecerntres, providing local access to the Internet and help with its use, for e-literacy, culture, education and economic development (Roger Clarke and I helped this by wiritng "Vision for a Networked Nation"). The Sri Lanka program seems a little over-ambitious. Apart from the installation of equipment, such a programs requires staff to be trained (and ongoing funding to be provided). In Australia the most successful location for Internet access and help has been local libraries. Perhaps for Sri Lanka the best location for this would be the local school.

ps: I was unable to get the  E-nenasala website to respond, but the archived version is available.

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