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GovHack Canberra Winners

Greetings from Entry 29 in Canberra, where the Canberra GovHack 2014  winners are being announced:
Other categories to be announced  Red Carpet Awards in Brisbane on the 10th August. One entry which got my attention was "Energy Calculator and Comparison tool". Here are the entries for each location:


Project Team Video
#What'sUp Canberra Alcon United
Accessibility Beacon Jake MacMullin
ACT Art Finder Command-X
Art Run Syntax First
Art Seeker The Art Seekers
ARTifacts: ACT Public Art Make Hack Void
ArtNearMe CrescentCode
artrACTion Just Kitten
Charlie's Magical Data Adventure Charlie's Data Angels
DoCanberra DoCanberra
Inefficient Directions 0x539
Landsat Time Lapse Journey A Kicking Wheel
Languages of Sydney The Fact Machine
Open Dashboard Accendo Republic
Piknik Corrupt Robot Development
Quick Findr ACT Illuminaté
Random ABS NRP fact Martlark
Record Breakers: Climate Change Visualised Ruby GovHackers
SRS: Reservation System Syntax First
Stat.Map Michael de Hoog
Surge - Energy Search Corrupt Robot Development
Where Should I? Hackwarriors
Who Is Canberra Goldilocks Zone
Crash Story It’s more fun to compute
Drought effects on Australia You are now breathing manually
Energy Calculator and Comparison tool Jonathan and Wai
If Then That
Push-Canberra Mind the App
Time data visualisation Time data vis
Visualisations Pataphysical Science
Who Do You Think You Are? Hacker? I hardly know her.


Project Team Video
Automatic Infographic Generator PeterCV
BUZZSTOP Moonshine Laboratory
Cancelled The DJ Team
Civicality Avocado Smash
Coursify Fruit Toast
Data for social change P://layford <-> OpenStreetMap</-> Conflation
Dinkum Street Dinkum Street
Endangered Species_Natural Disasters Disaster Area
Immersive Transit Timetable Hakman
Mining the Metropolitan Fire Service Shiny Red Mining
My Career Pathway DataSpark
Navig8 CITBS
PlaySA New Venture Institute
ptViz Adelaide factor43
Raydar Midnight City
Revive Survive Tobias and Friends
School Environment Explorer Randoms
Senior Hub The DJ Team
Silver Service Data With Style
Smart Park Hermes
The Coworking Sociatea War Tapir
Unleashing SA SpryLithe
VCare VCare
Vocational Education Infographic DataSpark
What grows here? Nature Ninjas
When the Heck am I? INTEC Disco Ninja's
Winning arguments in pubs... with data! Sleep-in software
YOCAL Moonshine Laboratory

City X The X Team
Community GatewaySA StatsSA
Data Shmata Frotraz
driverZaid On The Spot
duplicate duplicate
Hakman Project X -- place-holder PLEASE IGNORE -- Hakman
I Can Has Data Here Hackerspace Adelaide Kittehs
LAIM: Local Area Information Mapper xquisit
Lambert Conformal Conic (GDA94) to GPS converter Dinkum Street
Park IT Multiplier
PieinSky SpryLithe
SA Youth

Seniors Card SA Seniors Card SA
Shaprgram roroYo
Should you be afraid? Hackerspace Adelaide Honey Badgers
SimAdelaide Leashed
Up My Tree with a Frying Pan #4 Leashed
What's gov got to do got to do with it? Hakman
Working Title #72 Leashed


Project Team Video
AussieMon: The Native Pokemon Game Invisible Witches
Brisbane Park Finder Team Lambda
Conviction Rum Soaked Invisible Witches
datapinata Tropical Tweakers
Futura Visionaries
GoldGo Tech Stars
Hither and Thither Andy and the exDSTCers
npm install -g govpack, OR github govpack/govpack Team Omad
Reading Parks Invisible Witches
Science Dog does GovHack

Vic Builder Andy and the exDSTCers
WATCH_DATA Awesome as a Service
Water Bottle Invisible Witches
A PixelDust Project PixelDust
A PixelDust Project 2 PixelDust
DateNight Invisible Witches
Empowered Invisible Witches
Evolution of government Andrew's team
fixmycity rameelcajo
Park Life Rum Soaked Invisible Witches
Park Me The Outliers
Park Me Mikrob
Parkme Active brisbane
Re$earch Andy and the exDSTCers
Route Watch The Stunned Mullets
Science Budget Thing Hobo coder
State of the Queensland Rental Market Cruion
Strzelecki Wyld Stallyns


Project Team Video
Environmental Justice Planner Technogesic
Pee on a Tree Ballarat Hackerspace
Whats Up Whats up Geelong
A /dev/null > Project | less cat /dev/null > GovHack14Project_FINAL.project
cityApp Jazz It Up!

Gold Coast

Project Team Video
City Companion Elite Four
DiscoverGC ISB Solutions
Findr TM2ES
GCFocus GCFocus
myBackyard ISB Solutions
MyCity GovLink
myShots Jcat
Social City GC Chikote
SocialTest 5150 Studios


Project Team Video
#ZettaGraf-VR Virtual Reality Awesome
Accessible Melbourne Accessible Melbourne
Australia Through Time - iPad App Conor O'Kane Steve
Check out my Roofage: Geelong Edition Yuri and the Beards
Crash Test CreativeDrought
Environment Metropolitan Melbourne M&O
Eventable Rampsters
Herri - Find your place in your community Herri
inEvent Team Borg
Living, Breathing Melbourne Living, Breathing Melbourne
MELB Parking Team Low Carbon
Project Moneyball Moneyball
Real Trends Real Trends
UnlockAustralia The Unlockers
Affordability Through Transparency Realer State
Have A Seat LazyHackers
Hidden Agenda Data Ross
Multi-modal Bike Share Trip Planner mechturk
Paypol Team Paypol
Snapshot of change Goni
TruthInNumbers - because seeing is believing TruthinNumbers
VirtualVictoria L&M
Where is my Pollie? Team Where is my Pollie
You've got red on you Gov it all you got

Mount Gambier

Project Team Video
Ausplore The_Nexus
South Aussie Fisher GYPCS Unleashed
South Australia Informative Mapper BTB Enterprise
Mitch and Trent's Project Mitch and Trent's Team


Project Team Video
_ _
Go West! Optimer Prime
Hot News Time Machine Hot News Time Machine
Live Labour Force SoothsayRs
MedMoney MedMoney
Money money money! Murphy's Law
Project Doom FUS-RO-DATA
Show the Gap R3K1
Social Tapestry P84D
TheChosenOnesies The Chosen Onesies
Time Machine Time Travelers Australia
. 0
*Insight Detectives* Insight Detectives
#DisruptTheGap #hacktivists
5th-D Dataset The graph team
CancerMash SilentHackers
Data-by-region comparator Something Spatial
Food Buddy
HealthBites HealthBites
Science Budget Trend SilentHackers
Street Safe

Taxation Office CMU - Tartans
Toastie BigDataBigDreams
Transport Trails Transport Trails
WaterCooler Water Cooler


Project Team Video
Alex's Project Alex
Altrove TotesProfesh
CrashUp Hobart Hackerspace
Settlers The Settlers of GovHack
Tasmanian OpenTripPlanner Just in time. TAS_OTP_JIT Err:510
The Hack Report Lorem Ipsum
Vizidat - Timelapse of Victoria Building Activity By Postcode Desalasworks :: Flyin Solo
What Is Gov (Baby Don't Hurt Me) All You Need Is Gov
OpenTasmania Err:510


Project Team Video
Australia On Drugs BeaverLodge
Botaniser Botaniser
ClueGo Code Blue
Crime & Space Acme Crime Lab
Do Rich Suburbs use less Buses Caffeinate Me
Goldfields Through Time Goldfields through time
GovDesk Nextia Novarum
GovTroll GovTroll
Mash Academy Data4Kidz
National Eyeball The Kranzky Brothers
Sarbii - Search & Rescue Sarbii
VizStat VizStat
Walk About The Game Changers
Bushack Bushack
InvestHack InvestHackers
Rain Parrot Team Rain Parrot
Shooting Star The Justice League
Specifik HackSackCrack

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