Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Most Popular Web Pages

Since I started blogging in May 2008, there have been 423,112 page views of my 4407 posts. Some of the most popular are:
I am not sure if I can detect any pattern in these.

Most of the page views for my blog come from links withing the blog. The second most popular way to get to a posting is from a Google search. Most surprising is the third way: from the Whirlpool forum.

ps: While many people have read my posting about problems with my Huawei Android Smart Phone, Huawei do not appear to have. It is now eleven months since I returned the faulty Huawei phone and it has not been repaired, replaced or refunded. While the Australian Government may not want Huawei products used in the NBN for reasons of national security, I can see a more immediate reason to be cautious over the use of Huawei products: poor after sales service.

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