Sunday, July 01, 2012

Totara Corporate Version of Moodle Learning Management System

Totara offer an interesting commercial open source distribution of the popular Moodle Learning Management System, tailored for corporate training. Moodle was originally developed for universities and so does not have the compliance features needed for vocational and corporate education. Normally the organization installing Moodle has to add extra packages and customizations (there are specialist companies which do this, such as NetSpot and BrightCookie).

Totara appear to have packaged up their customizations and are selling these bundled with Moodle (note that Totara is commercial open source, that is when you buy it you get to see the code, but it is not free). It is not clear how much of Totara is really a unique product and how much is the same open source add-ons which are normally used with Moodle.

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