Monday, July 09, 2012

Climate Change Adaptation for Victoria

While in Melbourne to speak at ICCSE2012, I will also be attending the "Climate Services Think Tank", hosted by the Bureau of Meteorology and the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne, 13 July 2o12:
... Climate Services encompass a range of activities: the management of meteorological and related data collected by the Bureau; the derivation of products from the data that describe Australia’s climate; the development of techniques for applying the data in a wide range of social, economic and environmental contexts; and the provision of information and advice to the general public and specialist users about the nature of climate in general and Australia’s climate in particular.

In adapting to climate change, ‘climate services’ involves the provision of climate information that is relevant for long-term planning and for early warning of climate risks.

The aims of this event are to:

  1. assess the current situation on climate information and adaptation,

  2. build a greater common understanding of the expectations of climate information users and the capacity of information providers in providing information for adaption to climate change, and

  3. provide recommendations for policy and guidance for research on improved climate services in a changing climate

The think tank will begin with an introduction ... on international developments in climate services and developments in the Bureau in automating and presenting weather and climate information. The think tank will consider examples of information requirements and potential outputs for case studies in agricultural land management, bushfire management and flood risk. ...

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