Friday, April 16, 2010

Green IT in Higher Education

"Powering Down: Green IT in Higher Education (ID: " by Mark Sheehan and Shannon Smith as been released by EDUCAUSEERS1002, 04/15/2010). This report does not say much which is new on Green ICT, but is useful in confirming that what applies in other areas also applies in universities. It will be a valuable resource for university administrators, IT providers and sustainability professionals looking to green computing at telecommunications on the campus. But there will still be the usual frustrations, that while many are prepared to talk about green ICT, few are prepared to act to achieve it.

This 2010 ECAR study of green IT examines the stance institutions and their central IT organizations are taking on environmental sustainability (ES), the progress they are making on a variety of key initiatives, and how the work they are doing is helping them become more environmentally responsible in their business, instructional, and research activities. This study provides chief information officers and others with information about the state of ES practices in higher education and identifies practices that are associated with positive outcomes. Based on a literature review to define the issues and establish the research questions, along with consultation with higher education IT administrators and ES experts to validate survey questions, ECAR conducted a quantitative web-based survey of EDUCAUSE member institutions that received 261 responses, 77.8% of which were from the institutional ClO or equivalent. This report is based on results of the survey as well as on qualitative interviews with 31 higher education IT leaders and staff. A corporate edition is available here.

Table of Contents
Entire Study Powering Down: Green IT in Higher Education
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Chapter 2 Introduction and Methodology
Chapter 3 Institutional Environmental Sustainability: The Basics
Chapter 4 Institutional Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
Chapter 5 Central IT’s Role in Greening the Campus
Chapter 6 Central IT Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
Chapter 7 Distributed IT and Environmental Sustainability
Chapter 8 Knowledgeability and Participation
Chapter 9 Assessing Progress
Chapter 10 Higher Education IT and the Coming Green Revolution
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Online Green IT Survey
Appendix B Interviewees in Qualitative Research
Appendix C Supplementary Tables
Appendix D Bibliography

Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings
Survey Instrument

Citation for this work: Sheehan, Mark C., with Shannon D. Smith. Powering Down: (Research Study 2, 2010). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, 2010, available from

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