Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spirit of Marion Mahony Griffin in Canberra

Dr Anna Rubbo, Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Sydney, just finished the inaugural Marion Mahony Griffin Lecture here, at the National Library of Australian in Canberra, this evening. It was an illustrated talk "Marion Mahony Griffin: 21st century avant gardiste or 19th century dreamer?" . The first half of the talk concentrated on Marion's work in America, after she left Australia. Dr Rubbo, made a strong case that Griffin maintained a consistent world view and remained failtfull to her humanistic views. One book recommended was "Women Building Chicago 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary " (Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast, Indiana University Press, May 1, 2001). Unfortunately Dr Rubbo spent too long in the second half of the talk detailing her own work on "Global Studio 2005 - 2008". However, to see someone so passionate about helping people though planing, was in the spirit of Marion Mahony Griffin.

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