Friday, February 27, 2009

Greening ICT towards Sustainability, Victoria, 15 May 2009

At the conference "Greening ICT towards Sustainability" (Victoria, may 15-16 2009) I will be facilitating a workshop on the Carbon Footprint and conducting a Professional Development on lowering costs and carbon emissions with ICT. And of course I will promoting my Green ICT book and the ACS Green ICT course (registration for semester two is now open).

1.30pm 15 May 2009: Symposium Workshops

Topic 1: The Carbon Footprint

Topics may include but are not limited to;
GHG emissions from:
  • the office,
  • manufacturing,
  • distribution,
  • ICT (2% worldwide: same as airlines)!
  • strategies,
  • immediate plans

1.30 pm 16 May 2009: Professional Development Streams

Learning to lower costs and carbon emissions with ICT

The first globally accredited Green ICT course for computer professionals was commenced on 18 January 2009. ICT professionals can now enhance their career prospects by skilling up to meet the carbon emissions requirements the federal government is imposing on private and public sector organisations. Higher energy costs will require new skills to assess new aspects of computer procurement and also create new opportunities to help business re-engineer its operations and scope to expand the ICT function into new technology areas.

See how to:
  • Estimate the carbon footprint of the ICT operations of an organisation
  • Assess ways to reduce the carbon footprint of an organisation, by changes to policies for procurement of ICT, changes to the ICT operations and revising business processes

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