Monday, December 31, 2007

Undulating table for student desk

Suspended Dining TablePreviously I discussed having a wave shaped student desks, with seats between the crests of the waves. Searching the web for any curved modular student desks which might be suitable, I came across a curved dining table by New York Architect Robert Bernstein. This has each diner sitting in a swivel chair, in an curve of a sinuous table. Bernstein suspends the table from the ceiling on slender stainless steel cables. This form of mounting seem to be his signature design and is used for beds and coffee tables as well, but it would not be a good idea in a class room due to the risk of injury on the cables. However, with legs added and made modular with desks being able to be added end on end, this shape might suit the flexible learning center.

Bretford Free Mobile ReturnsThere are also kidney shaped modular office desks from Bretford. They have
"Free Mobile Return", which are small kidney shaped desks with wheels. Two can be pushed together to form a four person table. They also have a system of metal legs and cable ways called "Liquid". Unfortunately, like many architecture and design oriented organizations, Bretford's web site is very hard to understand and navigate. In addition, as they make use of Flash, it is very difficult to refer to a specific part of the web site. Bretford Presentation TableThey also have an image of a learning room on their "presentation environments" page.

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