Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pressure Washer to Save Water?

Pressure WasherVisiting a friend I tried out their new pressure washer to clean the balcony and tho cars. These units use an electric pump to spray high pressure water through a nozzle. We found the unit would work okay from a rainwater tank, without the need for a separate booster pump on the tank. This might be useful for people who want to save the cost of a pump on the rainwater tank, using the water by gravity for the garden, but occasionally want to use the water for washing a car, house or path.

The pressure pump uses about one third as much water as a mains pressure garden hose (5 versus 15 litres per minute) for much the same washing effect. But you need to be careful not to point the high pressure spray at anything delicate, especially people and pets. Also it will still use a lot more water than a bucket and brush. You still need a brush or a broom for some cleaning (such as getting down wasp nests from buildings).

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