Sunday, October 28, 2007

Local LED Backlighting to Reduce LCD TV Power

LED Backlit LCD TVSome news reports have suggested that plasma and LCD TVs would be banned due to their high energy consumption. But new local LED back lighting for LCD flat screen will reduce their energy consumption. Instead of a florescent tube, these screens have a matrix of LEDs to supply the back light. The LEDs can be turned off in areas of the screen which are dark. This is done to increase the contrast and so improve the picture quality, but a byproduct is to decrease the energy consumption.

So far only a few LCD TVs with Led Backlights and Computer LCD Monitors with LED Backlighting are available (and they are not cheap).

This might also provide some truth to the urban legend that changing the background of the Google search screen from white to black would save electricity. ;-)

ps: LED LCD TV available on

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