Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flexible Learning Space Design

Some recent useful resources on designing flexible learning centers, are the EduCase Learning Space Design Constituent Group and Building Futures - Creating Flexible Learning Spaces from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. One frustration is that the tertiary discussions of learning spaces tend to be a bit abstract, whereas the primary and secondary ones tend to have actual floor plans to look at.

The case study of Chaffey School has a useful plan showing class group areas, break out space
lecture/data area, discussion and projection areas. The case study for Belmont High School shows one type of modular desks being used together in different configurations for groups of six and 12 students. These plans should translate well from the secondary college to tertiary environment.

Another thought is that LCD screens of more than 1m are now available for under $2,000. These should be suitable for small groups of use up to about 6m from the screen. An LCD screen can be built into the wall protected by anti-reflective glass and left running all day.

See also: Books on flexible learning and Blended Learning.

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