Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Japanese eGovernment Researchers in Australia

Researchers from the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan, are in Australia looking at e-government strategies. As well as government agencies , such as AGIMO and DCITA, they are dropping in to visit me at ANU. Suggestions as to who else they might talk to would be welcome.

  • 9 Oct: Canberra.
  • 10 Oct: Canberra.
  • 11 Oct: Melbourne.
  • 12 Oct: Sydney.
They are interested in how e-government has developed in Australia and what is planned:
  1. Current federal and state government strategies on e-government, such as the NSW Government's People First ICT Strategic Plan.
  2. History implementation of e-government strategies and issues.
  3. One-stop services for citizens and businesses and the response to these. As an example, the Australian Government Online Service Point (AGOSP) Program, which I set as an assignment at ANU.
  4. Roles os state and federal governments in implementation.
  5. Staffing for the procurement of information technology.
  6. Open-source software.
  7. Current state of e-government in Australia.


Jim said...

I assume they will pay a visit to NICTA's eGov project? http://nicta.com.au/research/projects/egov

Tom Worthington said...

Jim wrote:

"I assume they will pay a visit to NICTA's eGov project?"

Yes, the Japanese researchers visited the NICTA eGov people. Also I gave them a demo of the Australian Tax Office's system for online BAS form submission and talked about the National Archives electronic archiving system and the new eVoting systems for the next federal election.