Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Problems with IEEE Website Has Me Reconsidering Membership

I have been a member of the IEEE Computer Society for 34 years, but problems with renewing online this year make me wonder if it is an organization I want to be associated with.

When I tried to renew I got:
"Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server
could not understand. Size of a request header
field exceeds server limit."
The IEEE support center suggested:
"... delete all the cache and cookies and refresh the browser and then access your IEEE account. Please use latest version of Google Chrome to access your IEEE account and the website works well on Chrome.".
That worked, but shouldn't the website work with other browsers?

On my next attempt in Chrome, I got further, but then some images are not appearing. Instead of images I get:
"White check mark on TEAL background"
From the context, I eventually worked out this must indicate "Yes", but that is what the ALT text should say. As it is the website doesn't conform to accessibility guidelines.

So I went to the IEEE feedback page to report the accessibility problem. I filled in the form, but then got the error message:
"⚠ Unsuccessful submission. Please enter the correct CAPTCHA value."
But there is no CAPTCHA image displayed on the page and no alternative provided.

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