Saturday, October 13, 2018

New Port City Colombo

Photo from hotel roof cafe overlooking the old and new waterfront at Colombo. The grey warship at the port in the background is Japan’s Kaga, a helicopter carrier.
Tom Worthington in Colombo
In early October I was in Colombo, Sri Lanka to speak at the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) National IT Conference (NITC 2018).What was the waterfront when I visited in 2013 is now a kilometer inland, with reclamation for a new Port City Colombo.

The new city is intended to be in the style of Singapore. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

JS Kaga at Colombo
The grey warship at the port in the photo background is the Japanese warship, JS Kaga. Like Australia's HMAS Canberra, this was intended to carry helicopters, but may be adapted to operate F-35B stealth fighters.

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