Tuesday, February 16, 2016

International Innovation Competition from Shenzhen

At the last Canberra Innovation Network meeting, I was handed a brochure for the First Innovation competition of International Talents. While this is being hosted in  Shenzhen (China), participants can enter for free from anywhere in the world and there is an Australian division to the competition (as well as USA, Japan, Germany, and Israel). Entries close 29 February 2016.

There are three rounds to the competition:
  1.  1 – 15 Mar 2016 online review 
  2. 5 Apr 2016 on-site reviews 
  3. 14 – 18 Apr 2016 Championship final in Shenzhen (finalists get a trip paid for).
The Grand Final First Prize is US$80,000, with smaller prizes for rounds (plus extra prizes for those intending to go into business in Shenzhen).

Exactly what the competitors have to produce is not clear from the website, but I assume it is a typical innovation competition, where competitors produce a pitch and business plan for a product or service.

ps: I whizzed through Shenzhen last year on a fast train.

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