Saturday, February 13, 2016

Has a National Wind Farm Commission Been Established?

News reports indicate that the public is having difficulty finding the website for the Australian Government's National Wind Farm Commission. Perhaps the "National Wind Farm Commission" can't be found because it does not exist. The Department of Environment does not use that term. They instead refer to the "Office of the National Wind Farm Commissioner".

A Google search for "National Wind Farm Commission" brought up as the first hit "Appointment of National Wind Farm Commissioner". This includes "For current information on the National Wind Farm Commissioner, see" which that redirects to "National Wind Farm Commissioner".

If the Department of Environment want web searches to find the "National Wind Farm Commission", then they just need to use that term on a web page. Environment has competent information professionals who I am sure know this, as does the Digital Transformation Office (DTO). It may be that someone in government forgot to do the paperwork to create the Commission and it does not exist.

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