Saturday, January 31, 2015

Startup Muster Australian New Business Ventures

Startup Muster is preparing a list of Australian new business ventures. I filled in their survey form for my Higher Education Whisperer venture. What was interesting was that after answering a question I was shown the results so far from all participants. It is useful to see how your startup compares with others in Australia.

The previous surveys showed Australian startups had 19% female founders in 2013, 30 to 35 was the most common age, with 84% having been to university, and this being their first startup ventrure for most. NSW leads Australia for stat-ups, with 48% of the total and the Sydney CBD being the most common location. About half of the startups use a co-working space. 28% of startups have one founder, 66% have one or two, 86% have three or less. 

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