Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Climate Change and War

Dr Albert Palazzo, Director of Research in Strategic Plans - Australian Army Headquarters, will speak on "Climate Change and the Future Character of War", at the Australian National University, 6pm, 10 February, 2015. Also on this topic Dr Palazzo has written "Climate change, migration and the importance of the international order" (Lowy Institute for International Policy, 14 May 2014):
"The replacement of the existing world order will have implications for a planet affected by climate change. Without a functioning safety valve, conflict between and within states will become more frequent and more vicious. As the deficit between resource requirement and availability widens, peoples who see their futures in terms of survival will be more prone to move in order to provide for their needs. As the support of the international community lessens, the destabilisation of weak states will become more prevalent and some areas of the world will sink into turmoil and chaos."

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