Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Classic Low Bandwidth Interfaces

Is there a "classic" interface option for LinkedIn? That is static web pages suitable for an older browser and slow link (like the classic option in FastMail.fm and Microsoft's ‘Outlook Web Access Light'). Linked-in works well when I am on a broadband Internet connections, but when travelling and using slower wireless link the interface becomes unusable.

The interface problem became farcical when I tried to report it to LinkedIn's help service. The link for help is on the bottom of the web pages, but when I tried to scroll down, the system kept adding more content to the page. There seemed to be no way to ever reach the bottom of the page. Eventually I found the help link elsewhere and requested a classic interface.

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Tom Worthington said...

Reply from LinkedIn:

Subject: Adda Classic Low Bandwidth Interface [140908-011909]

LinkedIn Response (09/09/2014 09:15 CST)
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your feedback about adding the classic interface option. At this time we don't have this functionality available. However, I've sent your suggestion on to our product team for consideration. When many of our members ask for the same improvement, they try their best to get it done. However, due to the number of suggestions they receive, they usually don't provide a timeline.

In the future, you can send suggestions by clicking any "Feedback" link, usually found at the bottom or on the right side of most pages. This will send your comments directly to the appropriate team. You can also keep up with the latest product news and enhancements by checking out our blog at http://blog.linkedin.com . It's our way of keeping you informed on all the exciting work we're doing behind the scenes.

Again, we appreciate the feedback and believe that together we can create great products for everyone!

Have a great day,

LinkedIn Customer Experience Advocate