Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mitsubishi new electric small van

Mitsubishi  i-MiEV CARGO electric vanMitsubishi Motors is showing its i-MiEV CARGO electric van at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. This is derived from the i-MiEV electric car, which I test drove in Canberra. It will be on sale in Japan from April 2010.

The CARGO looks a very useful vehicle for small deliveries on short runs in inner city areas. It looks far more useful than the passenger i-MiEV, which offered little envrionmental benifit over the much cheaper petrol powered petrol engine Mitsubishi i small car it was based on.

i-MiEV CARGO specifications
Overall length 3395 mm
Overall width 1475 mm
Overall height 1860 mm
Wheelbase 2550 mm
Track F/R 1310 mm / 1270 mm
Occupants 2
Motor Permanent magnet synchronous
Max. output 47 kW
Max. torque 180 Nm
Max. cruising range 160 km
Drive train Rear wheel drive
Tire size Front: 145/65R15; Rear: 175/55R15
Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV Also on show will be the PX-MiEV hybrid petrol/electric "crossover" concept car. This appears to be Mitsubishi's answer to the Toyota Kluger Hybrid. Such a vehicle makes no practical sense and hopefully this one will not go into production.

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