Monday, June 02, 2008

Australian Government Tenders for an Emissions Trading Register

The Australian Government's Department of Climate Change has issued a Request for Tender for "Provision of Australia's National Emissions Trading Registry". There is a detailed tender document available to those registered to receive government tenders. They are looking for companies with experience who can expand their system to Australia. This is perhaps an overly cautious approach which will exclude most Australian companies from bidding. There would be several Australian companies capable of building such a system from scratch which would be as good as the best existing systems, but I guess the government needs a system in a hurry and can't risk untried systems.

Provision of Australia's National Emissions Trading Registry
Agency Department of Climate Change
Category 43000000 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Close Date & Time 15-Jul-2008 4:00 pm (ACT Local time)
Publish Date 29-May-2008
ATM Type Request for Tender ...


The Department of Climate Change is seeking tenders for the provision of the following:

* Solution coordination services
* A Kyoto Protocol compliant registry solution
* Application development services
* Hosting and system support services

Conditions for Participation

The two main Conditions for Participation are (see the Request documentation for full list of Conditions for Participation):

* Each tender must include the offer of an existing Kyoto-Protocol-compliant registry solution or a solution for which a process has been initiated with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat to achieve initialisation;
* Each tender must include, as a component, an Australian-based presence that, as a minimum, provides relationship management with the Department and a single point of contact for technical and functionality help and support for the life of the contract; this requirement is established because of the close working relationship needed during the finalisation of Australian emissions trading scheme policy and enabling legislation

Timeframe for Delivery

It is envisaged the work will be done in a phased approach, which is further explained in the Request documentation. Two key deadlines include the installation of a Kyoto Protocol-compliant Registry, and initialisation with the UNFCCC, by the end of 2008; and an integrated Registry in place before the commencement of the Australian emissions trading scheme in 2010.

The expected term of the contract will be from the time of signing, until 30 June 2012, with an option to extend the contract one year at a time beyond this date. ...

From: Provision of Australia's National Emissions Trading Registry, DCC33/08, Department of Climate Change, 29-May-2008

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