Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Government services via the web in regional Australia

At the 4th Annual Web Content Management for Government, Hyatt Hotel Canberra, on 17 September 2007 I will be talking about how to deliver government services via the web in regional Australia. This is one of a series on ICT for a Civil Society.

Several new wireless technologies are being introduced to regional areas of Australia. With a few small changes to their web sites, government agencies can optimise their service delivery over these new delivery chains. Smart phones are now readily available in agencies and companies, but are being used for little more than reading email. These can be effective tools to address rapidly emerging situations, such as influenza pandemic. Australian governments are addressing a critical issues in remote indigenous communities. Provision of government services, information and education via the web can supplement and support other delivery mechanisms.

  1. Optimising web sites for new wireless regional networks
  2. Smart phones for managing pandemics
  3. Services for remote indigenous communities online
  4. Using the web to reduce regional carbon emissions

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