Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reducing Australian ICT Carbon Emissions

I will be talking about "Reducing Australian ICT Carbon Emissions" at the Influence 2007 Forum, in the Hunter Valley, 9 September 2007:
A study sponsored by the Australian Computer Society has shown that computers and telecommunications equipment in Australia generated 7.94Mt of carbon dioxide in 2005, 1.52% of national emissions. The ACS issued a Policy Statement for Green ICT, which includes suggestions on initiatives ICT professionals, government, consumers and ICT manufacturers can take to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions attributable to the use of ICT equipment. Tom Worthington, chair of the ACS Green IT Group, will talk about practical steps which can be taken.
I attended a similar forum in 2004, talking on Home Technology Convergence. This was shortly before the last election and had an interesting mix of industry experts, vendors, IT journalists and politicians.

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