Friday, August 17, 2007

Cabling for the flexible learning centre

You need some way to get data and power to the computers in a flexible learning center. It is inconvenient to have to drill holes in the floor and will not allow for modular tables to be moved.

Under-carpet Wire SnakeUnder carpet cabling: There are specialist flat audio and flat data cables designed for use under a carpet. There are also specialist tools ("Under-carpet Wire Snake") to install the cable under an existing carpet. There are some mains power cables designed for use under carpets, but these are generally not recommended for educational environments.

Raised Flooring: The traditional method for cabling computer rooms is raised flooring. This is too expensive and space consuming for a classroom, but systems only 60mm high are available.

Raised FoorIts primary purpose is to provide a raised floor system that allows you to manage electrical, plumbing and air easily and effectively under your exhibit. Each foot has a metal post for adjusting level from the top of the panel. These features allow for an extremely quick installation, no tool required for the assembly but an allen wrench is required for leveling the floor. The system’s integrated shipping pallet makes packing, loading and unloading easy and simple. ...

From: "Brumark Raised Flooring", BRUMARK-Total Flooring Solutions, 2007

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