Monday, August 27, 2007

Geothermal Energy in Australia

Dr. Anthony Budd, Project leader, Geothermal Energy, gave a presentation at the Geoscience Australia Open day in Canberra Sunday 26 August 2007 entitled "Geothermal Energy in Australia". GA are working on how to extract useful energy from underground heat and already use it to heat and cool their building in Canberra.

The Australian Government released an Onshore Energy Security Initiative in August 2006, which included geothermal energy project. GA are working on mapping likely locations for geothermal power stations and modeling how to extract the heat for such "Hot Rock" systems work.

Dr. Budd described the Birdsville geothermal power station, which produces 80kw from 27 L/s of water at 98 degrees C from 1230m down in the Great Artesian Basin. After heat is extracted for power generation, the cooled water is used by the town.

Larger systems are under development using "hot rocks" rather than existing underground water.

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