Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hybrid Electric Tricycle Taxis in Sydney

Pedapod Hybrid Electric TricycleYou expect to see tricycle taxis (rickshaws or ) in India, but not Australia. In the financial section of Sydney I photographed a pedapod. This is a 3 wheeled recumbent bicycle (tricycle or trike) which seats three people (a driver and two passengers).

The pedapod has a conventional metal bicycle frame but with a plastic hood to provide some protection from the elements. The vehicle looks practical and seems to be able to get up the reasonably steep hills in the Sydney CBD.

These electric autorickshaws have an electric motor powered from a battery to help it go up hills and so technically is a hybrid vehicle. But as it has pedals and only a small motor it is legally a bicycle. As a result such electric tricycles sidestep the regulations on motor vehicles which have stopped the use of some battery powered cars in Australia.

The pedapods do not be available for sale, but there are other electric tricycles you can buy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I’m Andrew the owner of Pedapod thanks for the story about Pedapod, the shell of the bikes are made of recycled polyethylene (plastic milk bottles). our focus for our business is all about the environment.
'keep up the good work'

Naveen Gupta said...

I am interested to know more about this product to be commercialised in india if feasible cost and operational cost wise. We have over
10 million+ man driven rickshaws in every nook and corner in india.
If this technology can be adopted it makes huge business sense. Being
ecofriendly govt. will support.
I am an automobile engineer 70+ and
can make things happen

Unknown said...

As we saw the original post for this was way back in 2007. Good to see the recent two notes. But was has the progress been, since the origianl post. have you proven the concept, is business good what are the response from people around the cbd.
I travel a lot to China where electric bikes and motor scooters are common, one day maybe governements here will realise loosing out on registrations for electric motor bikes will also benefit the environment. Restrictions on power levels etc for electric bikes can be a disincentive in some regions of Australia.
Love to see more on your progress.


Unknown said...

Hi Rob, Naveen
it's been a few years and we have grown and now moving 60,000 people a year. We have also started manufacturing a Sydney made pod with australian materials to make a Pod that is lighter, faster, easier on the rider and universal as we are also selling back to Europe. But with growth comes financal problems so we hae started looking for investors.

Cheers andrew