Sunday, April 12, 2020

Modified Street Furniture for Social Distancing from Recycled Plastic

Table Added to Seat
for Social Distancing
This is to suggest that street furniture be modified for Social Distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19 now, and other diseases in the future. The equipment could be made from locally sourced recycled plastic, boosting jobs and the economy.

Most street and park seats allow for people to sit closely together. Current health restrictions prevent their use. However, as these restrictions are gradually reduced, it would still be useful to have people keep their distance. This could be done by using a design for street furniture similar to that in mall food halls.

Some food halls have individual seats spaced far enough apart for individuals to use them and not feel to close to a stranger, but close enough that a group can sit together. Street furniture could be designed similarly, with individual seats grouped together. Existing park seats could be modified by adding a table in the middle, reducing them to two separate seats.

A program for modified and new street furniture would be a useful job and economy boosting program. Additions for existing benches, and new furniture, could be made from locally sourced recycled plastic, further boosting jobs and the economy.

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