Thursday, November 19, 2015

Random Hacks of Kindness - Info Night

Greetings from the at the Blue Chilli in Sydney. There are five not-for-profit projects being pitched to hackers, for the, being held 28 November. The idea is that volunteers form teams to work on projects which have a social, rather than financial, outcome. There are two phases: those who want something built first have to pitch to the hackers  and then the hackers work on the projects. There is a judging process (I am one of the judges) but there are no large cash prizes, just some t-shirts and your name on a perpetual trophy. Also, unlike other such competitions, some projects are on-going, building on what teams built previously. In the past I have seen some interesting mixes of team members from marketing, user interface design and coding. There is no fee for taking part and no prior experience is required.

Blue Chilli is a start-up incubator, with a six stage process:

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