Friday, December 05, 2014

Could order and ambition emerge from the fragmented climate governance complex?

Eliza Murray, will speak on "Could order and ambition emerge from the fragmented climate governance complex?" at CSIRO IR & Friends (ANU), Canberra, 4pm, 8 December 2014.
 Over the past two decades, climate change governance has become a complex web of institutions, with over 100 international forums and a vast array of national, local and non-government initiatives. Experts are worried that this fragmentation creates loopholes, inefficiencies and conflict, and some have called for centralised coordination through the UN. But could coordination instead emerge from the bottom up? From flocking birds to flowing traffic, complexity science has shown how order can emerge from the seemingly simple interactions between individuals in a system. This research adopts a systems perspective to analyse the dynamics of the climate governance complex across scales. Using hyperlink network analysis and qualitative methods, it measures the degree of fragmentation of the climate governance system and investigates which sectors and regions are most fragmented. Eliza Murray is currently researching the global governance of climate change with the support of the Sir Roland Wilson Foundation. She was awarded the Garnaut Prize for Academic Excellence in 2012. Her previous roles include Director of Land Sector Policy at the (then) Australian Department of Climate Change.

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