Tuesday, February 26, 2008

HP Kitchen Computer

HP TouchSmart IQ770 19HP released their TouchSmart IQ770 PC in 2007. This has a a 19 inch wide LCD touch screen and built in digital TV tuner (for the North American market). It is the sort of computer you might have on the kitchen bench. But unlike the sub $1,000 Linux based TV/computers ASUS is planning to release this year, the HP is around $US1,500. This is because the Touchsmart has a disk drive and enough processing power to run Windows Vista.

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Tom Worthington said...

The HP TouchSmart IQ770 PC features in the Telstra "connecting your home" advertisement and has units on display in their T.Life store in Sydney. In the advertisement "Katie" is using it in the kitchen for email. The computer is positioned on a high counter and operation of the touch screen looks very uncomfortable. It looked just as uncomfortable to use in the Telstra store. This seems to be a product designed by stapling together some brochures, rather than looking at what would be useful.