Friday, June 15, 2007

ICT Environmental Sustainability Group

This is to invite those with an interest in Environmental Sustainability, Information Technology, Telecommunications and to help form an ICT Environmental Sustainability Group. You are welcome to read the group's interim web site. If you would like to support the group's formation, then select "Login" on the top right of the screen and then "Create New Account". You will then be able to joint the online forums of the group's activities.

The Group is being formed under the rules of the Australian Computer Society as a Special Interest Group. The group aims to hold joint meetings with other professional bodies interested in technology, the environment and sustainability. It plans to undertake "grass roots" activities to assist working computer professionals with creating a greener workplace. This includes simple tips to reduce energy consumption of desktop computers and servers. It is also planned to have input to sustainable development policy creation by professionals bodies and course for professionals. Issues include energy use and materials recycling schemes.

I have set up a web site for the group on the same system used by the ACS's Computer Professional Education Program. The ACS might later offer some formal courses on ICT and the environment. But at this stage things are relatively informal. Most of the content for the web site comes from items collected from my Blog. Contributions are welcome.

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