Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Australian Government Architecture

The Australian Government Architecture (AGA) team will be launched by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) 27 June 2007 in Canberra.

The AGA is intended to assist government agencies with consistent online services :
    • Provides a common language for agencies involved in the delivery of cross-agency services;
    • Supports the identification of duplicate, re-usable and sharable services;
    • Provides a basis for the objective review of ICT investment by government; and
    • Enables more cost-effective and timely delivery of ICT services through a repository of standards, principles and templates that assist in the design and delivery of ICT capability and, in turn, business services to citizens.
    From: Australian Government Architecture, AGIMO, 2007
    Version 1.0 was approved 5 April 2007:
    The launch is at12:15 fir 12.30pm, 3rd Floor Conference Room, CA House, 10 National Circuit, Barton, with lunch provided and presentation by Neil Henderson, Australian Government Architecture team. RSVP:ross.mcconnell(a)ca.com

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