Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Australia India Business Council

The Australia India Business Council (AIBC) are re-launching their Canberra Chapter on Friday, 22nd June, 2007 with a keynote address on the Australian Government’s landmark report “India’s services sector: unlocking opportunity” followed by a cocktail party. If yo would like to attend, contact Wendy Farrell, National Secretariat, Telephone: 03 8862 5213
Email info@aibc.org.au

IT features prominently in the report:
The rapid expansion of Information Technology–Information Technology Enabled Services (IT–ITES) has had a significant impact on the broader Indian economy, by generating substantial export earnings and tax revenue; creating significant numbers of high-quality jobs; and precipitating productivity-enhancing technology diffusion to other industries and the public sector. Despite facing some challenges, IT–ITES looks set to remain a key driver of economic development in India, both as a high-growth and employment-generating sector in its own right, and through its linkages with other sectors.

From: India’s services sector: unlocking opportunity, DFTA, 2007
ALso see my own less analytical report.

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