Saturday, May 26, 2007

Computers and Environment Internationally

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) has a Working Group (5.11), on Computers and Environment.
The goal of the WG is to foster the improved application of Information Technology in environmental research, monitoring, assessment, management and policy.
The WG tries to achieve this goal by:
  • establishing a forum for exchange amongst and between Environmental and IT professionals
  • communicating knowledge about state-of-the-art and innovative technology
  • providing expert advice to government, multinational organisations and industry
  • fostering Enviromatics education and capacity building
  • collaborating with third parties
From: IFIP Working Group 5.11 Mission, IFIP, 2007
IFIP sponsors the International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS), which has held conferences and workshops since 1995. The 2007 conference was recently held in Prague. Some topics this year were:
  • Next Generation of Environmental Information and Risk Management Systems (EIS/RMS)
  • ICT Tools for Ecological and Human Risk Assessment
  • Artificial and Computational Intelligence for Environmental Modelling
  • Environmental Engineering Education and Presentation of Environmental Information to Non Scientists
  • Integrated Modelling and Decision Support Systems for Watershed and Lake Management – Design and Application
  • Human Factors in Enviromatics
Also there was an ICT for Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency day by the European Commission.

The Australian Computer Society represents Australia on IFIP. The Computers and Environment Working Group lists seven Australian members:
  1. Robert Argent, University of Melbourne, Australia
  2. Ian Bishop, University of Melbourne, Australia
  3. Trevor Dowling, CSIRO Land and Water Resources, Australia
  4. Anthony Jakeman, Australian National University, Australia
  5. Simon Veitch, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australia
  6. Joe Walker, CSIRO Land and Water, Australia
  7. William Young, CSIRO, Australia
Also on ICT and environment see:

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