Monday, May 07, 2007

AIIA Environment Special Interest Group

Green IT appears to be an area of interest amongst ICT professionals. The Australian Information Industry Association is running an ICT sustainability conference in 2007 and has an Environment Special Interest Group:
AIIA's Environment Special Interest Group is the representative body that assesses regulatory and legislative issues proposed by government, and collaborates on creative industry projects to address environmental issues, such as a computer end-of-life recycling scheme.

The group provides the framework for an important industry network to share up-to-date information on environmental issues of concern to the industry. ...

AIIA has been working closely with members on a sustainability projects and programs, and has:

* developed a voluntary industry-driven recycling and product stewardship strategy,
* published Designing for the Environment, which illustrates a range of actions being taken by AIIA members both locally and globally, and
* Supported AIIA member companies in their sustainability endeavours. ...

From: AIIA's Environment Special Interest Group, April 03, 2007.

Also the ICT sustainability conference:
AIIA will also stage a first-of-its-kind ICT sustainability conference later in the year, which will provide a forum for thought leaders in the ICT industry and beyond to explore how ICT can be part of the solution to global warming and other environmental challenges. ...

From: ICT industry helping to clean up Australia, 2 March 2007

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