Saturday, December 16, 2006

Publishing Conferences and Journals Together

The editor of the ACS's conference proceedings series pointed out that the terms "Journal" and "Issue" used in the OJS system are inappropriate for publishing conference proceedings. So I generalised the words in the ACS Digital Library to be suitable for conferences as well as journals.

The OJS software uses a localization file "locale/en_US/locale.xml" as detailed in the technical manual. So I modified the localization file to replace the words everywhere in the system:

* "View Journal" with "View"
* "Current Issue" with "Current"
* "By Issue" with "By Volume Issued"
* "Journal Help" with "Help"
* "Other Journals" with "Other Publications"
* "My Journals" with "My Publications"
* "Journals" with "Publications"
* "Open Journal Systems" with "ACS Digital Library" for first one (on top of home page) then "OJS" for the others.

For more detailed customization OJS uses PHP and Smarty templates. But I hope to avoid changing them.

In theory we could use the companion to the OJS called the "Open Conference Systems" as that is designed for conferences. But it is intended for one off conferences, not series with more than 60 volumes like CRPIT. So it will be easier to further customize OJS.

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