Sunday, October 24, 2021

Indian Electric Scooter with Dual Removable Batteries

Indian scooter maker Hero, is offering an electric scooter with dual batteries. As shown in a video review, here are two compartments under the seat to hold two batteries. The scooter can be operated with both batteries installed for maximum range, or one, while the other is removed for charging. 

Battery held in
with velcro strap
This is a good setup, but batteries look very heavy, and likely make up a large part of the cost of the scooter. These are Li-ion 51.2 V, 30 Ah batteries. Perhaps Hero could offer the option of a half size battery, with a smaller charger. The smaller battery could be provided with a removable plastic storage box, to fill up the empty space, and stop the battery moving around. The customer could later add a second half size battery, or a larger one, with a larger charger. 

As the battery is a large investment, it would also be worth providing the option of using it to supply limited household power during a blackout.

ps: There are swap and go designs for interchangeable scooter batteries, such as Gogoro Network, but these all suffer from being proprietary systems.

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