Friday, May 07, 2021

Suggested Improvements to ACT Health COVID-19 Vaccination Booking System

To make an online booking at ACT Government COVID-19 vaccination clinics, clients are required to use the MyDHR system. However, the way the client enters their Medicare number is very confusing and only those who have already been clients of ACT Health can make a booking. I suggest the way the Medicare number is entered is made easier, in line with other online systems. Also I suggest the requirement that only existing clients can book be lifted.

The page with information on bookings has an explanation of how to enter the  number. However, this is down on the page, below where the user is invited to click to make a booking. As a result it is likely most users will never see the instructions on entering the Medicare number, particularly when using a smart phone. 

Medicare Number Problem

The ACT Government instructions on how to enter the Medicare number contradict those of the Federal government. The Federal government says:

"Enter your Medicare card number, followed by your Individual Reference Number"

But the ACT Government says: 

"When filling out the Medicare number, please note the format needs to be XXXXXXXXXX-X where the last digit (IRN) is what appears next to your first name on your Medicare card".

Compounding the problem is that the MyHDR registration screen does not display the Medicare number as it is entered.

I suggest the Medicare number be displayed and be entered in two parts: the Medicare number itself, and the IRN.

MyDHR Registration screen obscuring Medicare number.

Registration Problem

The MyDHR login page has a "Sign up for MyDHR" button. This then requested the client's name, date of birth and Medicare number.However, registration is not accepted from new clients. The person registering has to have already been to ACT Health. I suggest this be changed to accept registration for anyone with a Medicare card.

Credible, easy to use booking system needed

Talking on web for Pandemics 
On Monday morning I attempted to use the MyDHR system to book a vaccination. I was unable to do so. This was surprising as I have been a client of ACT Health, so should be in their system. It was also surprising how difficult the system was to use (I have given talks around the world on the design of web systems for pandemics).  Instead I booked at a GP clinic, using their working online booking system. 

To ensure as many are vaccinated, as quickly as possible, we need easy to use, functioning vaccination booking systems. I suggest the ACT Government make urgent changes to their system to ensure public safety. 

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Tom Worthington said...

The only response received tho these suggestions is a Tweet (3:01 PM · May 14, 2021) from ACT Health:

"Hi, if you have any technical issues when using MyDHR, please call 02 5124 5000 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Please refer to our FAQ 'I'm having issues signing up to MyDHR' for other reasons you may be having issues"

While this doesn't address any of the issues, it at least indicates the suggestions have been received by the ACT Government.

See also suggestions for federal page.