Saturday, March 28, 2020

Wireless Home Office

As I am working from home more, I wanted to ensure I have enough network access. In 2002 my apartment building had fibre installed to the basement. But I did not make much use of this and so switched to wireless a few years later. Now I have two ways to access wireless, through a smart phone, and a wireless modem. Both these operate via the same cellular network, which may become congested with many people working from home during the 

Before I make any changes I wanted to ensure I don't break anything. So I thought I would record the settings for the "Client Mode". I use on a TP-LINK TL-WR802N Mini Router. This is a handy little gadget, which connects my wireless modem to wired Ethernet. But it took a lot of trial and error to set up.

Operation Mode: Client
LAN Type: Smart IP
Host network: 
  •  SSID (to be bridged): [id of the modem] 
  • MAC Address(to be bridged): [address of the modem]
DCHP Server: Disable

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