Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Upgrade Your Computer with Stuff from the Tip

I was amused to read in John Davidson's "Three gadgets to give your computer the facelift you so richly deserve" (AFR, 18 February), that I could upgrade my computer with a new keyboard and mouse for less than $450. My computer only cost $298, so it would seem a false economy to upgrade it with peripherals costing 50% more than the computer. I did upgrade my computer with a wide-screen LCD desktop display. This cost nothing at all, as I found it on the roadside on rubbish collection day. For those not willing to try a road-side upgrade, I recommend the tip-shop or charity. There are peripherals in abundance for a few dollars. If you want to refresh a very old computer, then an upgrade to Linux will breath new life into it. I am reluctant to but a second hand laptop, but even a new one is not going to cost around $500.

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