Saturday, March 26, 2016

Where is the GOV.AU Alpha prototype?

The Digital Transformation Office released a "prototype" of GOV.AU. But where is the GOV.AU Alpha prototype? I followed the link to but that was just describing some aspects, not a functional website.

The term "prototype" refers to a functional system. If instead DTO are releasing a set of example screens showing typical use (such as "Matt starts a business"), this is a "mockup" not a prototype.

What DTO seems to have mocked-up is only a tiny fraction of the web site, which is like designing the the cup-holder for a car and claiming it is a prototype of the whole vehicle.

At ANU I help mentor and assess student software projects and start-ups. A team of three to five students undertake six to twelve month projects. The GOV.AU Alpha prototype looks similar to what the students produce after their first few weeks work. I had expected much more of DTO. Perhaps the government could have students do the mock-ups.

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