Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Founding Canberra's Information Economy

Greetings from the Open Knowledge Australia event on "Open Data and Digital Services: Foundations for a New Information Economy", which is, appropriately enough being held at NICTA Canberra. The event goes until 4pm (and then we are off to the UniPub across the road), if you would like to join us.

Nicholas Gruen, Chair of Open Knowledge Australia, gave an amusing introduction on the history of public goods, before getting on to suggest more seriously that open data about the economy could reduce damaging economic cycles.

Jed Sundwall, Global Open Data Technical BDM for Amazon Web Services, mentioned that there is Landsat Satellite Data on AWS. This is a cleaver move as customers will need to pay for a lot of AWS processing to process the satellite data.

Brendan Bouffler: Scientific Computing, Amazon Web Services talked about how to process data from the Square Kilometer Array in the cloud.


Pia Waugh:  Director of Analytics and Discovery Layer, Digital Transformation Office
Steve Bennett: Community Contributor, Open Knowledge Australia
Steven De Costa: Open Knowledge Australia, CKAN Association and Link Digital
Maree Adshead: CEO, Open Data Institute Queensland

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