Saturday, November 01, 2014

Linix From a Magazine

Today I did something I have not done for years: went into a newsagent and bought a computer magazine. In decades past I would eagerly await each new edition of Byte magazine. (final issue July 1998). More recently I would scan the computer section of the bookstore and newsagent's shelves to get a sense of trends in computing. But today I actually went in to buy something. I was installing Linux Mint 17 on a laptop computer and found it was so old it would not run the 64 bit version I had. My wireless modem was going to take 7 hours to download the 1.2 GB required, so the alternative was a magazine with a DVD on the cover (it was too hot a day to walk to the library). Linux User & Developer magazine, issue 142 came with a Linux Mint 17 DVD on the cover (unfortunately sans media drivers), but otherwise very usable. Also there were interesting articles on project OpenXanadu, computers for schools and MOOCs.

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